A Woman's Guide to Knowing What You
How to Love God With Your Heart and Your Mind

"A Woman's Guide to Knowing What You Believe is a must read! This book is an excellent resource and very beneficial for anyone regardless of where they are in their faith. This book definitely strengthened my faith! Now I am more confident about engaging people in discussions about Christianity. Through Patty Houser's passion and teaching, I was able to grasp difficult concepts through well written explanations and easy to understand examples. There are also discussion questions at the end of the chapter. I would love to study this book in a small group! I know that a lot of rich conversation will come from it. Buy extra copies to give to your friends! They'll thank you for it!" ~ Rosayln H.


Have you ever wondered how to effectively share your faith with your unbelieving friends and family in a persuasive yet relational way? Have you ever been tongue-tied when trying to tell a co-worker why you believe the Bible has a super-natural origin or why you believe the resurrection really happened but aren't quite sure yourself? Patty understands because she's been there. Through real-life stories and her own experience of coming to Christ after a ten-year search for truth, in A Woman's Guide To Knowing What You Believe, Patty equips you to:


  • Engage your mind in your faith in equal proportion to your heart

  • Determine if you know what you believe and why you believe it through a  "Belief Inventory Checklist"

  • Recognize how beliefs are not just about the intellect, but play an active role in behavior, relationships, and in families

  • Defend the reliability of the Bible and the reality of the Resurrection

  • Protect yourself and your kids from being susceptible to the latest spiritual fads

  • Transform your faith from ordinary to extraordinary


Patty's book includes thought-provoking questions at the end of each chapter that are great for personal study and large and small groups. 


"We need to own our beliefs—all of them. The good, the bad, and the ugly."

"A Woman’s Guide to Knowing What You Believe is by far the best and most concise I’ve found for engaging with non-believers in a relational, logical way. Sharing my faith with non-believers is often intimidating in a culture so hostile to Christianity. I have walked away from these conversations feeling ineffective and frustrated, or have lacked the courage to even start them. I am gaining confidence as I continue to follow the suggestions in this book for solidifying what I believe, backed by rational reasons for my beliefs, which is also strengthening my own faith. Patty Houser shares in this book how to tactfully dismantle the many “sound bites” in culture (e.g., the Bible is full of contradictions, all paths lead to God, I’m spiritual, not religious, all religions say the same thing, Christians are intolerant, etc.), and points out basic laws of logic and thought that will help me engage others in rational conversation. She also offers reasonable answers to questions concerning evolution vs. creationism, the authenticity and reliability of today’s Bible, the resurrection, etc., and best of all, she includes support for these answers from non-Christian sources, which I think is extremely helpful when dealing with non-Christians. I highly recommend this book to those who wants to effectively engage the unbelievers in their life. This book will strengthen your own faith as well! With the engaging content and discussion questions after each chapter, this book would make an excellent Bible study. ~ Beth T.

How to Love God With Your Heart and Your Mind